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  • E3D Titan Direct Drive Extruder - The Beast Large Format, High Speed 3D Printing.

Titan Extruder Upgrade for "The Beast".

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Product Description

The E3D Titan Direct Drive Extruder upgrade allows for greater control over your prints.  The added torque is great for large fast prints combined with the E3D volcano.  Being direct drive, controlling Hysteresis (a negative function of the existing Bowden tube system) is effortless.  This means you can change the speed of print moves without worrying about back pressure issues in Bowden tube systems.   One disadvantage of the direct drive system is the weight of the carriage is increased which in turn will result in lower accelleration values necessay to compensate.  During solid infill of small areas, this can greatly increase print time.   Obviously this effect is even great when attaching 2,3 or 4 direct drive extruders to The Beast.  


We recommend Titan direct drive if :

Print speed is paramount
You cant control stringing in your prints
For users of the E3D Volcano hotends, to get the most out of the increased size of the hotzone
You wish to use flexible materials such as NijaFlex or similar
And For The Beast printers with no more than 2 extruders



We don't recommend E3D Titan direct drive if:

You wish to use the beast for high production output, ie 3 or 4 extruders running synchronously - this is due to the added weight requiring the printer to have very low acceleration settings to compensate. 
Your primary concern is to print fine details fast(ie small with nozzles <=.4mm) - This is due to the fact that stringing with small nozzles is easier to rectify than large nozzles and that if you are doing so, you're probably not using the E3D Volcano.


Pros :

Very little Hysteresis. (Back pressure issues that result in all print moves being of the same speed to rectify).
Very high torque meaning no slipped filament or skipped motors - something that can commonly occur on first print layers - affecting adhesion and overall print quality.
Great for flexible materials such as Nijaflex

Cons : 

Heavy - Too many direct drive extruders may in fact slow down print time due to lower acceleration settings being necessary to compensate for the increased inertia of the carriages.
Difficult to clean nozzles and extruder jams. - Much of the extruder needs to be dismantled to facilitate cleaning jams and nozzles.  - Mostly avoidable if you don't burn filament in the hotend. ie always make sure the hotend fan is working :)


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