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Index - The Beast Documentation

1) Building your "The Beast" 3D Printer? Please refer to our Mechanical Assembly Guide.

2) Completed the Build?  Connect your 3D Printer to your computer via USB cable and follow these instructions to upload Firmware to your device.


5) Copy the A0Load.gcode file onto an SD Card and insert into the side of your LCD panel.  This file is used to make it easy to drop your printbed to a set location in order to calibrate your printer and remove complete prints / clean the printbed.

4) Leveling your Printbed 


The following instructions and video describe how to square up the top of your frame and level your printbed to ensure the most reliable and true parts possible, right from your first print.






5)  Calibrate your printer

6)  Your First Print

7)  Troubleshooting / Q+A

Please refer to our Troubleshooting section for more information